Opening, 29.6.2024, 7-9 pm

Lindenstraße 91
10969 Berlin

“Love, heat, sweat, tears” is the first of three exhibitions dedicated to the amplitudes of human emotion. Everything between passion, fear, and lust will find its expression through the extraordinary selection of international artists and offer the audience an honest and intense impulse to enjoy and reflect.

The starting point of this journey will take place at roam projects in Berlin-Kreuzberg focussing on Estonian artists and hosting the selected artists by WÖNZIMER, LA and LAVA, Mexico City.

Wönzimer Gallery explores the international exchange with emotional works from their diverse roaster of Los Angeles and Lava from Mexico city based artists to discover the connections and dissonance that exist between these worlds of art. With selected work that touches upon the rollercoaster of modern life as well as the calm moments in between.

//roam projects, Berlin
Kelli Gedvil
Alexei Gordin
Kristi Kongi
Kennet Lekko
Kristen Rästas

Cheyann Washington
Gary Brewer
John Greer
Liz Miller

//Lava, Mexico City
Javier Barrios
Daniel Robles Lizano
Dulce Chacón
Valentina Guerrero
Cosa Rapozo

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