roam projects e. V. is a non-profit Berlin based association founded in 2022. The goal of the association is to set an example against the dynamics of gentrification in relation to the art market and to be hereby openly critical of outdated and unsustainable structures in the art scene. roam projects e. V. as an association engages with international protagonists of the free and independent art landscape by strengthening transnational connections. The primary focus is on the art and cultural exchange with Eastern Europe, predominantly with Estonia, a country which lies exactly at the border of European Union. Within this region, roam projects e. V. cooperates with MTÜ Eesti-Saksa Kunstikoostöö (Association for Estonian-German cultural and art exchange). During the European Capital of Culture Tartu and South Estonia in 2024, roam projects e.V. and the MTÜ organise several events dedicated to placing the climate crisis discourse in the centre of cross-border societal dialogue. Look into my Ice searches to enhance through merging the knowledge making potentials of art and science the empahty towards the coldes on earth. Please find out more about our initative here.

Within our fast-growing network, we are looking for collaborators who share our ideal as a co-creational community. roam projects e. V. manages residencies and exhibitions at roam space in Berlin and organises artists’ exchanges abroad with partner institutes. The association welcomes new members: you can join here <3 

The project space called roam is located in Berlin-Kreuzberg and started its initiative in March 2021. The versatile brutalist space, fully in size of 65 square metres, offers a great opportunity for creating artworks, hosting gatherings and exhibiting art and can be used for both accommodation and as an artist studio. 

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For your inquiries about the space or interest in cooperation, please contact: team@roam-projects.eu