Kristi Kongi “Colours reminded me that life can get so interesting that we forget to be afraid.”

Kristi Kongi is the artist in residency this spring at roam project space. The residency concludes with the solo exhibition, “Colours reminded me that life can get so interesting that we forget to be afraid.”, taking place during the Gallery Weekend and is part of the Sellerie Weekend in Berlin!

28.04.23. 6 – 9 pm
Open until:
7.05.23. Thursday – Sunday 4 – 7 pm & by appointment

“Fragility is a force of extreme strength, a force which we must tap for art.”
Miriam Cahn

“What is the importance of the concept of saturated colour?”
Ludwig Wittgenstein

Kristi Kongi´s exhibition “Colours reminded me that life can get so interesting that we forget to be afraid” is a contemplation and one way of how to relate and think about the moment where we are now.

Paintings are like reflections. Paintings are like portraits. Portraits without people.

The shadow under the apple tree in early spring can be one way of being.
Or watching the twilight after a hard day.
The twilight in the sky could be one of the symbols of freedom and a borderless world.

On the one hand, everything is so fragile and sensitive. At the same time, forceful and callous. But which way to go? How to feel smells, what are these shapes and why these colours?

The residency and exhibition are supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Embassy in Berlin and Kogo Gallery

Graphic Design by Viktor Gurov

Exhibition opening drinks kindly provided by OUI

Exhibition documentation by Andreas Baudisch


Kristi Kongi (born 1985, in Tallinn) is an Estonian painter who focuses on colour, light and space in her works: paintings that take the form of installations and are created for specific settings.
For Kongi, painting is a way of documenting different spaces and objects of personal importance and thereby capturing time. Her works, often reconstructions of specific places, are closely engaged with the mechanisms of emotional memory, offering an opportunity for experiencing the colour and light of bygone situations.

Portrait photo by Alina Birjuk

Kristi Kongi portrait