A Whore’s Eye View

A WHORE’S EYE VIEW by Berlin Strippers Collective

Amidst an art tradition where sex workers are often relegated to the role of muse, sex workers, when invited into art spaces, are frequently required to cater to this historical voyeurism, replicating the same image and mystique we portray at the strip club or in the brothel for the gallery-going public. BSC will instead give you a glimpse through a whore’s eye view, welcoming you into our internal space of chaos and community – as told and created by us, and for us.

Anybody with money can visit a strip club – but being welcomed into the intimate, womblike, hermetic space of the dressing room is a mystical experience. Using a variety of sculptural media – light pieces, assemblage, soft sculpture and found objects, we will re- create the stripper-locker-room through a funhouse mirror in an immersive installation and performance space. We want to show a side of our labour we are seldom given the space to portray – the abject, the grotesque, and the overwhelming failure and rejection, only offset by the ability to laugh at the absurdity, and the warm pink glow of community and sisterhood.

The opening night will comprise a series of interactive mini performances and starting with a DJ set: spaced throughout the evening at intervals, the audience will be free to encounter experiences at their own pace and form their own narrative: vignettes of a nights labour at the strip club told in an absurdist pantomime style. In the following days, Roam will host a series of workshops designed and run by collective members, focussing on the interconnected wisdoms of art practice, sex work and magic.


EXHIBITION 14.9.-17.9.

THURSDAY, 14.9. – Exhibition Opening
6pm – DJ Set by Existesis.cum
7pm – Real Life Doll, Disco Bitch and Existesis.cum
8pm – Asshole Salon, Apolonia Dorabialski & Icy Ivy
9pm – Wax Readings, Apolonia Dorabialski

FRIDAY, 15.9.
6-8pm – Become A Piece Of Art Workshop, Existesis.cum & Malina Ricci

3-5pm – Art Sex Magic Workshop, Ginger Angelica & Apolonia Dorabialski
6-8pm – Lap Dance Workshop, Icy Ivy & Disco Bitch
8-10pm – DJ Set by X.L.V

SUNDAY, 17.9.
3-5pm – Life Drawing Workshop, Apolonia Dorabialski & Icy Ivy

Lindenstraße 91, 10969 Berlin

Drinks sponsored by OUI