FABRIK: 50 Years of Berlin Based Pop-Art

This Monday we will have the opening of the exhibition FABRIK 50 Years of Berlin Based Pop-Art curated by Holm Friebe at roam project space.

Opening: 11.12.2023, 6- 9 pm
Regular opening hours: Thursday – Saturday 4 – 7 pm
And by appointment: team@roam-projects.eu

Hey! Some great news – tomorrow we are suprisingly open an exhibition.
Christmas is approaching, and this is a great chance to buy art.
See you tommorow!

Participating artists:
Menno Aden @mennoaden
Jim Avignon @seufz234
Katharina Arndt @katharina_arndt_berlin
Martin Baaske @martin_baaske_illustration
Fehmi Baumbach @fehmibaumbach
Julius Bobke @jf_bobke
Maxim Brandt @maximbrandt
Alexandru Mihai Budes & Lisa Marie Schmitt @alexmbudes
Jeroen Cremers @jeroen.cremers
DAG @dag.berlin
Galya Feierman @galyafeierman
Roman Frechen @romanichiban
Holm Friebe @holmfriebe
Lukasz Furs @lukaszfurs
Kennet Lekko @cannotletgoinc
Roman Manikhin @manikhin
Guthrie McDonald
MMachine @mmachine.berlin
Tobias Molitor @tobymolitor
Wolfgang Müller
Jurgen Ostarhild @jurgenostarhild
Babette Semmer @babettesemmer
Bettina Semmer @bettinasemmer
Johanna Smiatek @johanna_smiatek
Charlie Stein @charlie_stein_official
Betty Stürmer @bettystuermer
Lukas Troberg @lukas_troberg
Luke Velten
Ilja Jakovlev @100ml_absenta

Pop-up Academy “HI NUN”: artist talks, workshops, karaoke etc. daily from 12:00 pm., curated by Holm Friebe, Program t.b.a.