Out of Sight Is Out of Mind

We’re happy to invite you to the exhibition “Out of Sight Is Out of Mind” by our current residency artist Ellen Vene and artist Roman-Sten Tõnissoo. The exhibition is taking place during the Gallery Weekend Berlin.

The two-week residency project ‘Out of Sight Is Out of Mind’ by Roman-Sten Tõnissoo and Ellen Vene brings the visitor to an experiential dreamscape where ephemeral bonds are formed between moments and mementos. The fragments are organised in a non-narrative order, merging into an energetic incantation. References from dance music fuse with reminiscences derived from different dimensions of corporeal experience. A track heard on a dance floor, a visual seen on a poster, or a scent of a fog machine might stir up that feeling long forgotten – the feeling of being present. We all have a consciousness of the past expressed through the body. The protagonist here is time itself.

You look like you’re in another world
But I can read your mind
It’s four o’clock in the morning
And it’s starting to get light

– Orca ‘4AM’

The exhibition opening is on 29/04 at 6 pm.
The exhibition is open until 15/05 from Thursday to Saturday 4 pm – 7 pm and by appointment:


Lindenstraße 91
10969 Berlin

Exhibition is supported by Estonian Embassy in Berlin and German-Estonian Society Berlin e.V.

Photos by Andreas Baudisch


Roman-Sten Tõnissoo (1989) has graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in Contemporary Art (MA) and Photography (BA), and has also studied at FAMU, Film and TV School in Prague. His recent area of interest is the fragile connecting lines between aggression and the sense of security and the possibility for dialogue, as well as the quest for spirituality and a higher purpose and the potential these hold in contemporary society.

Ellen Vene (b. 1990) is an artist and cultural organizer based in Tallinn, Estonia. She has studied sculpture and installation art in the Estonian Academy of Arts and Die Angewandte in Vienna and holds an MA degree in art practice. Her various practices combine image, sound and storytelling, often reflecting on her immediate surroundings, everyday life and the social structures within. Lived experiences are translated into poetical narratives in the form of installations that generally involve the whole space.