Resonance of the Abstract: From Gesture to Monochromy

The group exhibition ‘Resonance of the Abstract: From Gesture to Monochromy’ explores media-specific forms of expression from sound and moving image to sculpture, wall object and painting, investigating the potential of non-figurative art blurring the boundaries between form and content. 

Given the spectrum of works selected, the exhibition shows the diverse methods of approaching abstraction: While some works are based on capturing gestures as an immediate trace of the artist, others choose the path of monochrome to visualise artistic concepts, emotions or thoughts. Between the creation of dynamic moments in a static medium, the exploration of materiality in relation to form and the impact of colour, the resonance of the abstract unfolds in the works themselves and further in the viewing process. The human search for meaning, for resonance and emotional involvement opens up a profound reflection on the power of abstraction and, ultimately, on ourselves.

Participating artists:
Ulrike Buhl
Jessica Buhlmann
Marta Djourina
Jane Garbert
Niklas Jeroch
Marco Piroddi

Opening: Friday Oct 13, 6-9 pm
Exhibition: Oct 13 – Oct 27
Opening hours: Thu – Sat 4-7 pm and by appointment
Finissage: Friday Oct 27, 4-9 pm

Photos by Andreas Baudisch