Bulgarian-German residency programme release

Exhibition opening:
17 March 2022, 6 p.m.
Network meeting/Get-together with artists and cultural protagonists:
19 March 2022, 3 p.m.
Visits and meetings on a small scale are possible by appointment: m@roam-space.eu

In mid-March, a Bulgarian-German network meeting will be hosted for the first time at the Berlin project space roam. roam was launched in spring 2021 and focuses on exchange with Eastern Europe. In addition to the residency programme, numerous event formats such as exhibitions, workshops, readings and performances will take place.

The exchange programme between Bulgaria and Germany starts this year. On this occasion we would like to cordially invite you to a get-together within the framework of a network meeting at roam. To mark the launch of the exchange programme, a group exhibition will be presented by outstanding Bulgarian and German artists who are part of the residency programme, who promote the Bulgarian-German exchange or who would like to promote it in the future.

The residency pursues the goal of a sustainable and constant exchange between the two countries: After the residency in Berlin, there will first be an exhibition at roam, followed by an exhibition at a partner institution in Bulgaria. The Structura Gallery in Sofia will host the German-based artists Alison Darby, Jane Garbert and Birgit Hölmer for four weeks each. In addition, the new regional centre for contemporary art in Sofia Toplocentrala will host another residency artist in cooperation with roam in July and August.

Zara Alexandrova
Veneta Androva
Alison Darby
Marta Djourina
Jane Gabert
Zoran Georgiev
Birgit Hölmer
Elena Kaludova
Vikenti Komitski
Ivan Kostolov

Supported by:
Structura Gallery
Goethe Institute
RAM – Rebel Art Management

Photos by Andreas Baudisch